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Publish or Perish

I attended a program which conducted by IEEE SB UGM at 24 December 2011. This is a routine programs every month. The presenter was Mr. Widyawan, a lecturer of Gadjah Mada University, that presentation about how to write a paper, especially IEEE paper. I didn’t know anything about this topic and I thank god that I have attended this program. Mr. Widyawan said, there is a term Publish or Perish in academic area. If you don’t publish so you will perish. OMG, I have to start write anything to make habit, hhe.

The writing activities are benefits to the others and for existence of ourselves. There are some kinds of writing, for example, book, paper conference, and paper journal. The differentiation is caused by the new information. So, the old information is written as book.

You should know about this, there is a website for review a paper, http://www.trackchair.com.

In process review of paper, there are some aspect you must complete. If you get high score, your paper can be admitted by reviewer and by whole people in the world. Hhe, I want to try, how about you?