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Some Manufacturers of Devices and Modules

Hi everyone, I will let you know about websites address of some manufacturers of devices and module. I got this information from Power Electronics Book (by M.H. Rashid).

1. Advanced Power Technology, Inc (www.advancedpower.com)

2. ABB Semiconductors (www.abbsem.com)

3. Eupec (www.eupec.com/p/index.htm)

4. Fuji Electric (www.fujielectric.co.jp/eng/denshi/scd/index.htm)

5. Collmer Semiconductor, Inc (www.collmer.com)

6. Dynex Semiconductor (www.dynexsemi.com)

7. Harris Corp. (www.harris.com)

8. Hitachi, Ltd. Power Devices (www.hitachi.co.jp/pse)

9. Infineon Technology

I Just wrote some address this time, hopefully I will update next time, hhe.