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Sumber Materi untuk Belajar IELTS

Beberapa sumber yang saya gunakan untuk belajar IELTS :

  1. IELTS Official
    – Guide Book >> http://ieltsmaterial*.com/offical-cambridge-guide-ielts/
    – Interview Sample >> https://www.youtube*.com/user/IELTSOfficial/videos
  2. Cambridge Practice Test  1-11 >>http://ieltsmaterial*.com/cambridge-practice-tests-ielts-series-self-study-students-book-cd/
  3. IELTS Liz
  4. IELTS Simon
  5. IELTS Material >> http://ieltsmaterial*.com/
  6. BBC Podcast >> http://www.bbc.co*.uk/podcasts
  7. Future Learn (Download Ebook)

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Tasikmalaya, 7 Oktober 2016
Yohan Fajar Sidik


[Ebook] Understanding IELTS —– 6-Week Course to Get High Band Score

Does anyone here look for IELTS course?

Congratulation for you opening this link ^^. Currently, there is a website that provides online IELTS course from British Council. You can go directly to the website by opening this link https://www.futurelearn.com/. Lots of courses are available there.

But, you must have a good internet connection to continue learning on the website, otherwise you save it and then open it later. I am also a leaner who needs an offline internet access. To solve that problem, I give my effort to collect all materials from the website, then I created an ebook. The ebook covers all materials from week 1 to week 6, but I did not include the videos. The best way for learning is by following the course by yourself, but you can still use the ebook created by me to help you study without the internet connection.

You can download here : IELTS Course_British Council