Topologi DC-DC Converter

General Information

  1. SMPS AC-DC Reference Design User’s Guide
  2. Reducing Emissions in DC-DC Switched Mode Power Supplies
  3. Switching-Mode Power Supply Design Tutorial Simple Switching Topologies

Buck Converter

  1. Fundamentals of Power Electronics – Buck Converter Basics*.com/watch?v=Yxl9mHfc-_Q
  2. BUCK POWER STAGE – Tutorial with Bernd Geck (part 1)*.com/watch?v=EyHUfZxmP8s
  3. Inductor behavior and Buck Converter Explained*.com/watch?v=HtwiIIPekfs&t=1541s
  4. Input Filter Design for Switching Power Supply

Boost Converter
Buck-Boost Converter
Dual Active Bridges

  1. Protected: DAB3 Principle Operation
  2. Protected: DAB3 AC Current Waveform
  3. Protected: DAB3 Boundary Condition




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